Gender Diversity at Your Event

GWL’s Guide to Improving Gender Diversity at Your Event

When it comes to diversity in foreign policy events, Johns Hopkins SAIS is no outlier. Our unofficial statistics show less than one-third of SAIS foreign policy events included women speakers.*

Johns Hopkins SAIS has the opportunity to become a leader in a foreign policy community that has been slow to include women in prominent roles. Out of over 200 Middle East-focused events at six leading think tanks in Washington, DC in 2014, a shocking 65% featured no women on stage. At the World Economic Forum in 2016, only 23% of the speakers or moderators were women and 20 percent of the panels—on topics as varied as energy, global debt, refugees, and the European financial outlook—were comprised entirely of men.**

Yet active participation of women in events on campus not only sets positive examples and inspirations for the students in the audience, but also brings depth and nuance to event discussions.

The academic community of Johns Hopkins SAIS deserves the balanced and nuanced discussions only diversity can bring.

GWL hopes you will use this guide to think differently about your next event at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

With any questions, suggestions, or comments on this initiative, please reach out to us!

*GWL analyzed the participant lists across all Johns Hopkins SAIS institute and program events in fall 2015. These figures exclude female moderators and women-focused events.