Executive Board Positions

See below for GWL Executive Board Positions up for election. Please contact current officers with any questions about the role, responsibilities, and approximate time commitment.


  • Oversees development of theme and basic format for conference
  • Sets yearly club calendar
  • Maintains relationships with faculty, administration, alumni, SAIS Women Lead, and keynotes
  • Initiates and oversees organization/administration of events, speaker series, and conference
  • Manages club email address
  • Manages SGA budget

Current President: Gillian Evanspresident@saiswomenlead.org

Conference Chair

  • Leads Conference Committee
  • Develops theme and basic format for conference
  • Oversees the organization/administration of conference
  • Helps develop conference keynote and panelist list and oversees invitation process
  • Works with Marketing Chair to oversee club communications relating to conference

Current Conference Chair: Jahanara Saeed, conference@saiswomenlead.org

Events Chair

  • Develops/organizes activities and events outside of conference
  • Maintains relationships with event speakers, coordinators, SAIS administration, and facilities
  • Works with VP of Events to oversee functioning of other major club events
  • Works with Marketing Chair to oversee club communications relating to activities and events

Current Events Chair: Sara Golden, events@saiswomenlead.org


Note: SAIS Global Women in Leadership will have many additional positions available in the Fall of 2017, including alumni relations, marketing, Bologna rep, and conference roles.  Stay tuned for many more ways to get involved!