Spark: Women Entrepreneurs Expo

The Spark: Women Entrepreneurs Expo will be featured at SAIS Global Women in Leadership’s 2017 Conference, Securing Sustainable Growth: Women as Leaders in a Changing Climate. The Expo will provide a platform for women-led start-ups working in sustainable development to highlight their innovative ventures. Participating organizations work across borders to implement groundbreaking solutions intended to slow the encroaching effects of climate change, namely through fostering education and promoting clean energy.

Esther Ngumbi, Founder, OYESKA GREENS and Spring Break Kenya

Dr. Ngumbi is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Entomology at Auburn University. She is the recipient of the first to be awarded highly prestigious 2017 Emerging Sustainability Leader award. She is a 2017 Clinton Global University Initiative Mentor for Agriculture. She was a 2015 Food Security Fellow with New voices and has authored over 30 opinion pieces in outlets ranging from scientific American to Time Magazine, CNN, NPR, Reuters, This is Africa and Los Angeles Times. She is a Founder of OYESKA GREENS-a startup company aiming to revolutionize agriculture at the Kenyan Coast and Spring Break Kenya-an organization that is galvanizing young Kenyan university students into public service. She and her parents have established the Dr. Ndumi Faulu Academy in Kenya to ensure that every child has a solid chance at getting a quality education. Esther was a finalist for President Clinton Global Hunger Leadership Award and named by One World Action as one of the 100 powerful women who change the world.

Samantha Wang, Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Development, Bright Energy Africa

Samantha Wang is currently a senior at Johns Hopkins University majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in entrepreneurship and management. In 2014 she co-founded, together with her classmates, Bright Energy Africa, a social-venture aiming to bring affordable, clean and scalable energy to Tanzania. Their business model seeks to improve youth and women unemployment, increase health education and reduce environmental stress. For a research project, Samantha is currently developing a novel wound healing medical device together with the Department of Surgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She is also heavily involved with Health Leads, a national organization aiming to provide a holistic healthcare experience to low-income patients at the Harriet Lane Clinic. Samantha is passionate in pursuing opportunities in the intersection of business, technology and social impact. In her free time, she loves to dance with her dance crew, Eclectics.

Mansi Prakash, Founder, Brighter Today

Mansi Prakash recently graduated from New York University, with a major in Economics and minors in Mathematics and Public Policy & Management. During her time at NYU, she founded a nonprofit, Brighter Today, that aims to bring cost-effective, eco-friendly light bulbs to cut costs and increase productivity in rural areas of developing countries. Having successfully partnered with Philips and as a Resolution Fellow, they have lit up over 5000 lives to date. Born in India and growing up in Bangladesh and the Philippines, she has been exposed to the hardships that come with living in impoverished areas, developed an appreciation for diversity and found a passion to take initiative to help others. She aspires to address some of the world’s most pressing issues, make an impact in the lives of those who were not afforded the same opportunities and resources and help enact change in the world.